We understand that the benefit system can be confusing, we can help you to make sense of it.

If you are unsure of what you are entitled to claim, had your benefit been reduced or stopped or want to challenge a decision, we can offer you practical support by helping with benefit applications, entitlement checks and the appeals process.

We we have specialist advisers who can help you find out what benefits and tax credits you are entitled to. They will assist you to make your claim, help  with the appeals process if you have been turned down, and help if you are having to pay back an overpayment.

There is a lot of help available online to help you deal with a benefit problem, or you can visit us in the bureau for additional support from a specialist benefit worker.

 If you have received a letter with a deadline for an appeal you must Contact Us urgently!

The Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap is a limit on the total amount of certain benefits you can get if you are working age.

The Benefit Cap will only affect you if you're getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. If the cap affects you, your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit is reduced.

If you are worried about how this is going to affect you please get in touch.