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Please complete this form to make a referral to Citizens Advice Allerdale. We only accept referrals from external agencies through our website.

If you would like advice please call 01900 604735 or email [email protected]  There is also lots of information in the Get Help section of our website.

Debt e.g. rent/mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, fuel arrears, credit cards, loans, catalogues, etc, Breathing Space, Benefits eg benefit forms, benefit check, benefit appeal, Housing eg eviction, disrepair, Notice Seeking Possession/Court Action, support to gain or maintain a tenancy, Grants/Hardship support for household starter kit, white goods, furniture, gas, electric
Please note that calls made to clients will be from an unknown or withheld number. We will attempt to contact the client on three occasions. If we are unable to get through to the client after three attempts their case will be closed.

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